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Uncover the hack how to speak easy like a native speaker

The hack I want to disclose to you is that everyone can learn a German sentence or a phrase and turn it into a - let’s call it – “model sentence”. What does it mean? Don't be afraid, it has nothing to do with the criticised cramming so common within learning methods of the past.

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Was bedeutet "versetzt fahren"?

Obwohl es diesen Schild seit 2011 an Autobahnen in Deutschland oder Österreich gibt, kennen ihn viele immer noch nicht. Es bedeutet folgendes: wenn Spuren enger werden - meistens beim Fahren in Autobahnbaustellen, sollten Autofahrer versetzt fahren. /p> (mehr hier)


Was ist der EASYPASS und der ePass?

Mit EasyPASS können Sie die Grenzkontrolle am Flughafen selbst erledigen.

Wie? Ganz einfach. :-)

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German With Moritz has scored 4 stars in Educational App Store Certification!

We are very happy to get 4 stars for our German with Moritz app in EAS Certification with the comment: A lovely app designed to improve your German vocabulary. Users will find the app interesting, innovative and interactive.

German with Moritz was certified as an app for all ages but mostly aimed at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level students.

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German certificate "Zertifikat Deutsch B1"- the best thing for your German career

B1 means that you are able to participate in the conversation, express your opinion, correctly understand important informations in reports, radios and newspapers, and know how to express themselves in writing. In Germany, the B1 serves as proof of German skills in acquiring of German citizenship...(read more)


European Day of Languages and German Flashcards for free

Today on September 26th is the European Day of ‪Languages‬ with many events! Follow news ‪#‎coeEDL‬. At this occasion you can download our very nice and useful German Flashcards "Look, Listen, Learn German!" on your iPhone completely for FREE!


The unbelievable Story about The "German with Moritz" app

The first idea to make a program for learning German came into my mind at the university, when I was studying pedagogy of German and fine arts. I had a lot of time, but only a little money. At that time, everything what was moving on the Internet or on a desktop was made in Macromedia Flash program. Everyone wanted to have a cool Flash moving intro or an interactive web page with videos. We had some computers with Flash in our computer classroom. I learned all the basics really fast, so I decided to ....(read more)

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