Look, Listen, Learn German!

"Look, Listen, Learn German!" iPhone App

Want to improve your vocabulary? Here's an easy, no-stress, effective way to learn German words. In this app, you will use a set of flashcards with native-speaker sound, stylish drawings and useful examples. Whether you’re beginner or advanced - there's always a new word to learn!

What ist the "Look, Listen, Learn German!" app about?

The app is in a form of flashcards, which are very easy to use, all you need to do is swipe! Each card contains a picture, a German word and example phrases with English translation. You will hear the word each time you swipe on to the next card. In "Learn" mode, you can choose from 39 topics of words or just mix them all together and learn randomly! You can do the same when guessing the words in "Play" mode. To test your memory, guess the words from English to German or vice versa!

Download it completely for free!

September 26th is the European Day of #Languages with many events, follow news #coeEDL. At this occasion you can download our #German Flashcards for free from now:

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