Hi! My name is Moritz! I live in a beautiful house and love going for a walk in the city or forest. On my way I learn how to call all the things i see in German, and it’s really fun! Do you want to learn with me?"

What makes the app „German with Moritz“ so special?

German With Moritz is an interactive app for learning German vocabulary. Download German with Moritz for free und sprich einfach morgen Deutsch! Study German in an intuitive way and at your own pace! Tap on each object to read & listen to the German translation. Explore the world of Moritz thanks to beautiful visuals. Discover the new way of studying. Practicing German has never been more easier and fun!

Learn in an easy and playful way, no matter how old you are. Meet Moritz, a curious cat who will walk you around his house and its surroundings. Tap on anything you see on your way, and you will instantly hear the German translation.

Great, now you can pronounce “Dunstabzugshaube” like a real German, but no stopping here! Take a look at the spelling and useful phrases. Up for a test? Cool, then Moritz has a memory games for you in every corner of his little world. Or actually, not so little!

There is a plenty of places to check out in the Moritz the Cat’s house alone - the study with some smart stuff, the garage with a car, the bathroom, the kitchen with a full fridge (Moritz’s favourite, you bet), the living room,.. Or take a walk and discover the garden, forest, city or even the beach! And don’t forget, we are here for German words, so if it’s a vocabulary for your holiday trip, language class, shopping list or a babysitter you are looking for, there is always a place to find it in this app.

Say "no" to another boring textbook!

Be the guest in a house in the suburbs and just explore. Whenever you go and whatever you see, it’s a real world you can relate to

Learn at your own pace!

No more pain! You have your freedom to do whatever you want and go wherever you want in the textbook, without ruining the logical structure

No matter the level, no matter the age

choose the topics which are most relevant to you

It is sooo easy!

just tap on anything you see to read the German word and listen to its pronunciation.

No need to go from A to Z!

Start at any point without being dependant on previous material. All you really need is right there on the screen. No problem jumping in when you have a spare minute waiting for the bus.

visually rich!

Activates your visual memory and learning by associations.

Moritz the cat

And of course, there’s Moritz the cat:-)
Your guide and friend :)

More than 900
interactive objects


24 lessons - topics
from daily life

Fun learning games
in each lesson

Useful phrases and

Helpful vocabulary


Vocabulary for
"ZD" exam

Cool, what else is in here?

  • More than 2,500 useful example phrases and sentences
  • 24 lessons - different places to explore, colorful and beautiful
  • Exploration mode for learning
  • Memory game mode for repeating
  • For all ages
  • Lighter beginners version with the most common vocabulary
  • Advanced version with the complex phrases and examples
  • Smart navigation: browse words within the same category (e.g. animals, food, hobbies etc.) across all the lessons
  • Explore the topics related to ones you’re in
  • Effective learning triade: association, image, voice, and text, of course
  • No internet connection required
  • Sound, animation and/or background music can be easily turned off
  • Free access to 4 lessons, unlock all 20 others with in-app purchase

What does it look like?

First-hand recommendation

"A lovely app designed to improve your German vocabulary. Users will find the app interesting, innovative and interactive."
German with Moritz was certified as an app for all ages but mostly aimed at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level students. Read the full review on Educational App Store.

Educational App Store

"The application 'German with Moritz' is an ultimately positive aid mainly for its attractive visual design and the practical vocabulary presented by a native speaker of German language. 'German with Moritz' is highly recommended as an efficient auxiliary tool for learners of German language, who aim to revise or extend their vocabulary and master pronunciation of German words."

Mgr. Václav Vrbík, MBA
managing director of Language Center in Pilsen, www.centrumjazykuplzen.cz

"At our language school Prague Language Institute we are teaching in the pleasant atmosphere a wide range of languages. We have developed our own unique learning methodology, which relies on the most advanced knowledge. We recommend all students the app German with Moritz as an excellent complement to practicing German vocabulary, whether for a break, on the road or at home."

Mgr. Kristýna Juřenová
managing director of Prague Language Institute, www.prag-inst.com

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